Bolivar Band Handbook


Students may only enroll in an advanced band class after successful completion of the preceding band class or completion of appropriate private lessons (see End Of Course Expectations below). Any student with a schedule conflict may join band again upon completion of the appropriate audition. For example: to enroll in HS band, 8th grade must have been completed, or through student auditions using the appropriate music level assigned by a Director. The "Bolivar Band End Of Course Expectations" will be used as the main audition material. Chair placement tests will be determined using honor band audition music or equivalent. Jazz band is audition/permission only. Color Guard must participate in middle school JV Guard, or HS Winter Guard (if offered), the previous marching guard season, or audition with the approval of both band directors in order to participate the following marching season. New students to the district may join by audition. High School students who do not take the fall semester band class will have to audition in order to join the band class again in January (see End Of Course Expectations below).


Students must attend class rehearsals, all applicable outside class rehearsals/practices, and ALL scheduled performance events. A missed performance will result in a lower class grade. Excused absences from minor performances, due to valid conflicts, are possible at the discretion of the Director. Athletic conflicts will be discussed by the Director and Coaches. Band Contests , especially district and state performances, are our most important dates, please make sure your calendar is clear for those dates. Participation in band and color guard are serious obligations due to group dynamics and teamwork. All participants must be able to commit to the rehearsals, practices, and performances. Please consider this when joining. Band students who miss more than 10 rehearsals a semester will not be allowed to perform at contests. Rehearsals that are missed due to make up work in other classes and sitting on sideline because you "don't feel like it today" will be considered a missed rehearsal. Guard students who have 2 unexcused absences from practices outside of the regular school day will not be allowed to perform. Missing more than 10% of practices will result in dismissal from future participation. Medical excuses must be documented.

Grading System

Grades are calculated using (but not limited to) rehearsals, playing quizzes, performances, and participation. Excessive disruptive classroom behavior will result in a lowered rehearsal grade and possible dismissal from future participation.

Bolivar Bands-End Of Course Expectations:

All first year band members entering second year band should be able to play First Notes, Pb&jam, Beginning Band Workout, Chromatic Challenge for Beginners lines 1&2, and Overtone Warm Up lines 1&2 with minimal errors. All second year band members entering third year band should be able to play Chromatic Challenge for Beginners, Golden Scales lines 2-4, Overtone Warm Up, and JH Band Warm Up with minimal errors. All third year band members entering High School should able to play all of the Overtone Warm Up, Chromatic Madness, Golden Scales, Essential Rhythms, and Key Signature Warm Up with minimal errors. Students who move into the district will need to display the appropriate skill level to receive permission to enroll in any band class.

These performance/skill level expectations will be used in most audition situations. Chair placements and percussion assignments may use advanced music that applies to the specific ensemble/group.

Behavior Policy

Band participation is a privilege and all band/guard participants are expected to adhere to all school policies and band director expectations concerning behavior. We represent our school and community and any student not meeting all expectations will be appropriately dismissed from future participation. Disrespect, insubordination, and inability to follow school policy will be documented and school administration will administer consequences as needed. Behavior policies apply both on school campuses and on band/guard trips. This policy is in line with the MSHSAA guidelines for good citizenship.

Bolivar Bands/Guard Behavior Improvement Plan

Any student that consistently fails to adhere to the expectations mentioned in (but not limited to) this handbook, will be asked to sign a Behavior Improvement Plan approved by the school administration. Parents will also be expected to sign. This will be required to continue participation in the related band activity. The contract will show appropriate documentation of additional infractions and can result in the student being dismissed from future participation in band and/or guard. All questions concerning the contract may be directed to the Band Director.

Performance Dress Code

Middle School Band students will purchase a band t-shirt to wear with jeans and appropriate shoes. High School Marching Band members will use the band uniform and appropriate accessories. HS Jazz Band members will wear concert black and the provided vest if applicable. HS Concert Band members will wear concert black/charcoal attire. All items of clothing must adhere to the MS/HS policy on clothing and attire. HS Pep Band members will use the appropriate BHS band shirt or Director approved shirt.

Summer Band Camp

Attendance at HS Band Camp is mandatory. Director approved absences are possible, due to valid conflicts. Be prepared. Dress for heat and rain. Lunch is NOT provided. Remember sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle. Students are responsible for rides to and from school. All freshmen are asked to purchase one pair of marching shoes/shirt. Upperclassmen will be asked to purchase the annual themed t-shirt. Participation in the annual fundraiser can apply to those two purchases. See Director for details. Bolivar Bands does not have a band fee, so participation in the fundraiser is crucial to our ability to maintain a program of this size.

Color Guard- High School and Middle School

The Color Guard is a section within the Marching Band. It is NOT a separate group apart from musicians. Guard is a vital part of the ensemble and will be expected to adhere to all expectations as outlined (but not limited to) this handbook. Guard will be assigned extra practices as applicable and will be supervised by the Guard Director and/or a Band Director. Participation in these extra practices is mandatory. The Guard Director is a school employee and a part of the Band Director's staff. Disrespect and insubordination of the Guard Director will be documented and school administration will administer consequences as needed. Excessive lack of adherence to expectations will lead to dismissal from future participation. Once marching season is over, guard members who play instruments will do that for the rest of the semester. Those not playing an instrument will stay in the band room and use the time for studying. At no time can there be guard activities, anywhere, without the supervision of the Guard Director or a Band Director. Please review the previously stated attendance policy.

Student Leadership Expectations

Any student in a leadership role or that has been asked to give extra instruction to fellow students will be expected to always do so in a positive and constructive manner. Yelling, loss of self control, physical aggression, etc. are not permitted and will result in the leadership role being revoked. Questions concerning leadership expectations should be directed to the Band Director.