Parent Academy

The Parent Academy includes all meetings, events and educational opportunities that are designed to provide parents with the information and tools to maximize the educational outcomes for their children. We strongly encourage parents to attend any school-sponsored offering that they are interested in. However, we have organized opportunities for families into two categories: Core Events and all other Educational Opportunities. Core Events are typically key experiences that apply to all parents and they should attend these at least once at appropriate times throughout their child's K-12 experience. Other Educational Opportunities may be aimed toward specific topics or specific to the needs of individual students. While there is wonderful value in all of our presentations, we understand time is limited so we've made the distinction between these two types of meetings to assist parents in prioritizing their time. Core Events will be designated in red font throughout the Parent Academy. You'll note that events often include a hyperlink with more details or a flyer. 

In addition, the Parent Academy offerings are organized in a few different ways above: Calendar View, Topics View and Grade Level View.