To use SmartMusic, students will need to register for an account and enroll in their class. Once they have done this, we will be able to activate their SmartMusic subscription and they will be able to take tests. If they have purchased the Full version, they will also have access to our method book and thousands of other cool tunes to check out.

  1. Go to or scan the QR code at the bottom of the page.
  2. It will ask for the class code. Please enter the code corresponding to your band period AND instrument family. They are listed at the bottom of this page.
  3. Once you enter your code, it will take you to the “Join a Class” screen. Double check that the class name matches your class period AND instrument family.
  4. Click “Join and create an account.NOTE: If you are sharing with a sibling who has already made their account, you can click “Join and Log In.”
  5. Review the Terms of Service (you must scroll through the entire thing to be able to accept). Click the accept option then Next.
  6. On the next page, fill in the appropriate information:
    • First and Last Name – This should be the student’s name. If you have multiple students who will share an account, you can put both of their names in the “first name” box.
    • Email – This should be a parent email address. It will be used for password recovery and to activate the account. NOTE: If you are registering at school, it should be the email address listed on the handbook signature form.
    • Choose whether or not you would like SmartMusic to send you news, offers, etc.
    • Recovery email – This is the email SmartMusic will use if you get locked out of your account. If you don’t have a second email address, you can use the student’s school one (
    • Username – Please use your school username. This should be firstname.lastname
    • Password – Please use your school password. This should be an animal and some numbers. If you don’t know this password, please ask your teacher to look it up!
    • Primary Instrument – Choose the instrument you play. If you have a second child sharing the account, you can put their instrument under the Secondary instrument spot.
      • Baritones – Choose baritone BC
      • ii. Clarinets & Trumpets – Choose Bb Clarinet or Bb Trumpet
      • iii. Saxophones – Choose Eb Alto Sax
      • iv. Percussion – Choose Mallet Percussion
  7. Once you click next, you are finished registering on the website. An email will be sent to the address you listed to activate your account. When you click the link in the email, you will login with your usename/password and then click the button to join your class.