The Percussion Ensemble is a non-audition group made up of just percussionists! They get to play a variety of music using mallets, drums, and more without those pesky woodwinds and brass players getting in the way. Below are some commonly asked questions about jazz band but feel free to ask your band teacher if you have other questions!

Percussion Ensemble FAQ

Who can be in Percussion Ensemble?

The Percussion Ensemble is open to 7th and 8th grade percussionists as well as oboes and bassoons. If your child plays a double-reed instrument and is interested in high school marching band, participating in Percussion Ensemble is a great idea so that they have a way to participate in marching band when the time comes. Additionally, 6th grade percussionists who have shown a lot of progress can be invited to participate in Percussion Ensemble in the spring. This group combines students between Ankeney and Coy so the Coy drummers get a chance to meet and make friends with the drummers at the other school too.

When does Percussion Ensemble rehearse and when will rehearsals starts?

The Percussion Ensemble rehearses before school on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am to 8:30am. The group rehearses at Coy and a shuttle bus will take the Ankeney kids to school when rehearsal ends. The first rehearsal will be on Wednesday, September 12th.

What kind of music do they play?

This year's Percussion Ensemble is unique because we will be splitting the year into two "season" The Fall Season (September to December) will feature standard percussion ensemble music and students will play the percussion equipment that we usually use in class. During the Spring Season (January-May), we will have the first ever rendition of a middle school drumline! Our students will have a chance to use the high school drumline equipment and learn music in that style. This music will be custom written for them, which is awesome! Students who wish to play battery parts (snare drum, bass drum, tenor drums, etc.) for the drumline must participate in the fall season to be eligible for those parts during the spring season.

When will they perform?

We are planning at least one performance for this group. Depending on scheduling, they may perform at one of our concerts, at Solo & Ensemble Contest, or even at a High School Indoor Drumline Competition. We will post more info when we have it.