Like most things you can buy, there are a number of retailers with instruments "on the market." There is a huge range in the quality of instruments out there - it is important to understand that what you pay for is kind of what you get. A cheap instrument is made of cheap materials - it is very likely it won't play well or isn't going to last long. However, unlike buying some other items for bargain prices, a "bargain" instrument can have a severely negative effect on your child's learning! If their instrument doesn't work properly, they will struggle constantly - even worse, they may think that they sound bad because they are bad at their instrument when in reality they just have a bad instrument. We want to do everything we can to prevent a negative experience for your child! Below is information on how to obtain a quality instrument for your child - some instruments can be obtained from the school while others cannot. Please review the information carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Most importantly, please contact us ASAP if you need assistance getting your child the instrument they need. We are more than happy to help when we can so they can have a positive musical experience!

Note - this information is geared towards parents of 6th grade students who are just starting band. However, most of it applies to new 7th/8th grade students as well - please contact us if you aren't sure what to get for your child.


Your child will need 3-4 items:

  • An instrument
  • Care kit
  • Essential Elements 2000, book 1
  • Reeds (clarinets & saxes only) - Vandoren, size 2.5

We recommend obtaining an instrument through a rent-to-own program. These programs are great for getting a quality instrument for your child for an afforadable monthly fee and they often cover any repairs you may need. As your child progresses in band, these programs also allow you to upgrade them to a more advanced model of their instrument. Many music stores offer these programs - most of our students obtain their instrument through Buddy Rogers Music. You can contact Buddy Rogers by calling 513-931-6780 or using the link above. Please place and pay for your child’s order by September 5th. This will help ensure your child receives their instrument and materials in the delivery on Monday, September 10th.

If you already own an instrument, please make sure it has been inspected by us or a qualified music professional. We want to ensure it is in good working order before your child begins to use it. A damaged instrument can quickly lead to frustration! If you have an instrument that has passed an inspection, they should not bring it to school until our first day with instruments (Sept. 10). Additionally, please make sure you order the band book (Essential Elements, Book 1) and a care kit. Clarinets and saxophones will also need to order reeds.

Please be VERY careful if you intend to buy an instrument outright. Most instruments you will find online/in shops that only cost a couple hundred dollars are not quality instruments. Again, a poor instrument leads to frustration for your child!


Your child will need the Percussion Pack from Buddy Rogers. This is a customized pack we have created that includes everything your student needs - by bundling the items together we are able to get it at a lower cost. This pack will include:

  • Vic Firth SD 1 Drum sticks
  • 2 sets of mallets (marimba and xylophone)
  • A stick bag
  • Drum pad/Practice pad
  • Essential Elements 2000, Book 1

To order the percussion pack, complete the percussion form at the bottom of this page and text/email it to our rep or call Buddy Rogers at 513-931-6780. Please place and pay for your child’s order by September 5th. This will help ensure your child receives their instrument and materials in the delivery on Monday, September 10th.


Your child will need to order 2 items:

  • Their instrument
  • The care kit/book bundle

To order this, please login to Charms and click the online store link. Select the rental fee ($50/year) and the care kit/book bundle ($26). Once you complete the order online, you can send the rental form and your payment to school. If you need a new rental form, you can download it from the link at the top of this page.

All orders must be placed in Charms. We cannot accept money for an order that has not be placed in Charms because we have no way to process it. Please let us know if you need help using the Charms store or check out our step-by-step guide.

Please place and pay for your child’s order by September 5th. This will help ensure your child receives their instrument and materials in the delivery on Monday, September 10th.

If you have any questions or need help ordering in Charms, please contact us.


  • To visit the Buddy Rogers Rental site, please CLICK HERE (for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone)
Instrument Rental Agreement 17-18 AMS.pdf
  • If your child plays a school-owned instrument (french horn, baritone, tuba), they must turn in a rental agreement every school year in order to receive an instrument. They will also need to order their rental fee and book/care kit bundle (6th grade only) in Charms then send the payment to school. For help using the Charms store, please click HERE.
Beavercreek beginning Percussion Packet 2018.pdf
  • If your child plays percussion, you need to order the percussion pack. Please download and complete the form then email or text it to our Buddy Rogers rep, Stew Blatt (info to do so on the form).
Rental meeting LMC.pptx
  • This is the PowerPoint presentation used at the parent meeting. Feel free to review it and contact us if you have any questions.