Additional Resources

District Resources

Distance Learning

Ensuring Safe Zoom Meetings (5).pdf
Recording Infographic (2).pdf

What to do if Zoom is unavailable?

What To Do If Zoom Is Down.pdf

Personal or Unmanaged Chromebook Login Workaround

Personal or unmanaged Chromebook login workaround

Resetting Student Passwords on VPN

Student Password Reset on VPN.webm

VPN Access: If you need to access VPN, there is now a web version, located on A guide/link is available here:

Heat Portal Link- Please put in a HEAT Ticket if you need ITD Support or call 443-642-3000

District Policies

Protecting Student Privacy

Protecting Student Privacy and Security During Distance Learning - 2020 08 18 evening.pdf

EGAD-RA - Intellectual Property

EGAD - Intellectual Property 2020 FINAL.docx

EGAD-RA Form 1 Instructions

EGAD - RA - Form 1 FINAL 2020.docx

Student Preferred Name

Ensuring that the Student Preferred Name is Used for Virtual Learning UPDATED (9-2020).pdf

EGAD-RA - Public Performance License

EGAD - Public Performance License FINAL 2020.docx

EGAD-RA Central Purchases Memo

Central Purchases Memo Update.pdf

EGAD-RA - Evaluating and Documenting Fair Use

EGAD - Fair Use Worksheet FINAL 2020.docx

EGAD-RA - Complying with Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Laws

EGAD - RA - Complying with Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Laws FINAL 2020.docx

Student & Family Resources

Student Access to Google - English Video

Student Access Part 1_Final.mp4

Student Access to Google - Spanish Video

Student Access Johnatam.mp4

Student Work Submission - English Video

Student Work Submission Video.mp4

Parent Guide to Accessing Google Classroom

A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom