Jr/Sr High School

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Meet Our Jr/Sr High School Staff

Sayra Bryant, Principal, sbryant@barnsdallschools.org

Kylee Sweeney, Dean of Students, Athletic Director, and Driver's Ed, ksweeney@barnsdallschools.org

Stacy Bankston Mead, Paraprofessional, sbankston@barnsdallschools.org

Michele Bickford, Bus Driver, mbickford@barnsdallschools.org

Kent Carver, High School English, kcarver@barnsdallschools.org

Gary Cunningham, Junior High Social Studies, gcunningham@barnsdallschools.org

Brooke Curtis, Junior High Science, bcurtis@barnsdallschools.org

Marie David, High School Math, mdavid@barnsdallschools.org

Austin Gann, HS Science, agann@barnsdallschools.org

Cara Grant, Jr/Sr High Fine Arts & Yearbook Adviser, cgrant@barnsdallschools.org

Caleb Hawes, History, chawes@barnsdallschools.org

Janice Javine, Barnsdall Virtual Academy, Computers & Alternative Education, jjavine@barnsdallschools.org

Wilma Logue, AP English & Librarian, wlogue@barnsdallschools.org

Patricia Reeves, Paraprofessional & Bus Driver, preeves@barnsdallschools.org

Seth Juby, Junior High Math, sjuby@barnsdallschools.org

Kim Tafoya, Jr/Sr High School Secretary and Encumbrance Clerk, ktafoya@barnsdallschools.org

Sharon Herring, Junior High English, sherring@barnsdallschools.org

Fonda Tilley, Special Education Teacher, ftilley@barnsdallschools.org

Jace Goodwin, Agriculture Education, jgoodwin@barnsdallschools.org

2020-2021 Student Handbook

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