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Up to 70 percent of Native American students drop out of high school and only 13 percent of Native students earn college degrees. American Indian Education Fund, a program of PWNA, offers scholarships, literacy programs, and school supplies to help end the cycle of poverty. Education is one of the most important cornerstones of self-sufficiency and quality of life. It is also a crucial factor in addressing the long-term challenges on the reservations we serve. The Undergraduate Scholarship service supports educational opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students by awarding more than 200 scholarships annually.

Award Amount: 200 awards: $2,000

Deadline: April 4, 2022

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Pete & Lela Stavros Scholarship

Applicants must be graduating from an Oklahoma high school. Students must be a child or relative of a member of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association. Applicants must submit supporting materials indicating the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association member's name, service status, fire department and relationship to the student. Students must submit essays describing career goals related to their education plan and how extracurricular activities have influenced educational goals. Applicants must submit the FAFSA student aid report and a letter of recommendation from the school guidance counselor or principal.

Award Amount: $1,500

Deadline: April 1, 2022

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Oklahoma Rural Rehabilitation Corp.

Oklahoma Rural Rehabilitation Corporation (ORRC) was formed in 1934 as a non-profit corporation. The funds for the agency were furnished to a board of directors to assist farmers and rural people. The original funds have been kept together and increased by the board. These funds are presently invested in farm loans. The interest from these loans is used for scholarships, rural development grants and other purposes. The money that is used to assist you is funds the agency earns and not furnished by county, state or federal government.

Award Amount: $500-$200

Deadline: April 15, 2022

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Careers That Care Scholarship

Robert F. Lawson was a veteran who used his life to make the world a better place. After retiring from the military, Robert continued his mission of benefiting the world by helping those in need. As tomorrow's workforce comes of age, it's critical that those who are dedicated to helping others have the support necessary to do so. This scholarship seeks to support high school and undergraduate students who intend to spend their careers helping other people. Any low-income high school senior or undergraduate student who is planning to pursue a career in healthcare, social work, government, education or a related field may apply for this scholarship.

Award Amount: $750

Deadline: April 18, 2022

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Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Of the more than 200 scholarships that we administer, more than 130 have a convenient and easy online application process. Simply follow the steps below to apply for a scholarship. For the online application, visit this link.

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