Wellness FAQs

What are the password Requirements for the Virgin Pulse Site?

All passwords will now be case sensitive and must include:

      • 8-50 characters
      • At least one upper case and one lower case letter
      • At least one number
      • At least one special character: ! # $ % & () * + - ? @ _ ~

How do I fill out the Tobacco Affidavit?

New in 2020 - The tobacco affidavit can be completed in Virgin Pulse! You can get your points now and not have to wait until open enrollment!

Can my Spouse Participate in Wellness?

Yes, ACBL Spouses, who are cover under one of our medical plans can participate in the wellness program just like an employee would. They can earn an additional $100 off if they reach Gold wellness status. See the ACBL Wellness page for more information.