Junior Youth Groups

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (for young people ages 12 to 14) motivates youth to explore complex issues, consult about neighborhood needs, plan and carry out acts of service and find positive avenues for recreation and artistic expression. Working with mentors called “animators,” pre-teens and teens from all backgrounds learn to identify the positive and negative forces operating in society and are supported in seeing themselves as agents of change. They develop their powers of expression, a global identity, decision-making skills and a mindset of service to others.

Charms - New Quest

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Heartland Youth Conference | Translating Love Into Action: Building Just Communities

Junior Youth in the Heartland discuss how the framework of the plan address the Most vital and challenging issue.

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Midwest youth conference participants seek solutions to racism

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Gathering youth in Boise Idaho, Bahai and non-Bahai, to study and reflect on writings from the Baha'i guidance about race unity and what actions can be taken against racism, that is more than protesting, signing petitions, and posting on social media (which is the notion in society today among young people on how to fight racism). This happened over one weekend. Study was accompanied by devotions and fun friendship building activities. This was all done with masks, frequent cleaning, and physical distancing outside.

Parents and friends in Florida find the wish to ‘be loving humans together’ is contagious

It began as a quest to befriend fellow school parents and talk with them and their kids about forming a junior youth group.

After recent school shootings, countering prejudice and ‘otherness’ is high on the agenda for Baha'i-sponsored junior youth groups.

Baha’i-initiated junior youth groups often discuss the needs of their neighborhood and community. Sometimes those issues — bullying, for example — are personal. These groups aim to empower middle-schoolers to be agents of positive change. So it’s not surprising many of them talked about school safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting on Feb. 14.

A Junior Youth Group in Northbrook, IL, has organized a virtual "Racial Justice and Equality Presentation" and invited youth to submit all types of presentations dedicated to increasing awareness of racial injustices and working towards solutions, including storytelling, music, dance, poetry, songs, small speeches, dramatic or visual presentations. Download flyer here.

Stockton, CA holds community reflection gathering with county leaders and law enforcement.

On Friday July 24, 2020, Baha'is and civic leaders in Stockton, CA will kick off the continuation of the Junior Youth Program that has been active in the school system over the past two years.

The community reflection will explore how this community building initiative can tackle the issue of racism at a county level, with the participation of the County Supervisor, the County Sheriff, the police chief, and the interim superintendent of schools.