Devotional Gatherings

Devotional gatherings bring people of all backgrounds and beliefs together in prayer. As worship is linked with acts of service, a unifying spirit begins to permeate the community. Gatherings are held in homes or community centers and consist largely of reading prayers and passages from holy scriptures in an informal, yet respectful, atmosphere.

The Baha’i House of Worship, in collaboration with friends and communities across North America, offered these online devotional programs of prayers, stories and music for the 2020 observance of two special days honoring Abdu’l-Baha:

Unity Devotional

Oneness Devotional

Bahá'í in Frisco, TX creates a multi-faith devotionals via Zoom. This month's topic is Oneness.

Pure Unity Family Devotional ( 2021-04-10).pptx

PURE UNITY Family Devotional

This Devotional was organized by a group of 9 Baha'is from the LA Race Consultation call, as a part of monthly service they offer to their community. They offer a copy of the presentation as a resource for anybody that would like to use it.

The Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha program on November 27 was presented by Baha’is in Alaska featuring Alaska’s Indigenous peoples.

The Day of the Covenant program on November 24 was presented by African American readers and singers.

"Invoking the Muse"

Duncanville, TX host a devotional for Creative Women, with a focus on race unity. It starts with an inspirational quote or musical piece from Baha'i sources; we all share creative work (sometimes we decide on 7–9 words and all write a poem or do a visual art piece for the next time, using them, or a theme) and have a good discussion. (see more)

Nothing Sweeter

Prince Williams, VA cluster states, "Is there anything sweeter in the world of existence than prayer? In a recent study circle with a group of youth who were transformed by its power and quickly came to see themselves as protagonists, the answer to that question became apparent. "

Read more here

The Community of Fort Wayne created few different devotionals on Race unity. Converting some of the presentations into YouTube videos and others into PowerPoint.
(View powerpoint)

Prayer for the departed BLM.mp4

A memorial montage dedicated to the individuals killed by police, against the backdrop of Walter Heath singing the short prayer for the departed.

Devotional on Racial Justice and Harmony

Devotional Program for Racial Justice and Harmony

If you wish to edit the program, go to the presentation, click on File, then Save a Copy.

A prayer/guided meditation for George Floyd

Series of cross-state gatherings thrive on unity, meaningful conversations

The thrum of African, Cuban and Irish drums playing in unity. The intensity of shared prayer. “The joy that is found in discovering the love and power of connecting together as one human family,” as a participant described it.

Co-hosting a weekly devotionals


Prayers W/Out Border Inter-Faith monthly Program, a collaborative diverse team began 2019, one year going, now has lead to service together.

Tulsa community has started holding weekly virtual sessions called "Walking Towards Race Unity: Prayers & Discussion" promoted through Facebook and an email list. Each session is about an hour, starts with music on the theme of racial unity, followed by prayers. The group watches and discuss a short video from to better understand the issue or some videos on the history of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. For the second half of each session we have been studying guidance from UHJ or NSA on the topic.