Audubon Neighborhood Association

Northeast Minneapolis Minnesota

The mission of the Audubon Neighborhood Association is to encourage interaction and involvement amongst the people in our community and its organizations; to foster the continuing improvement of property and businesses within its boundaries; to increase security and safety within the neighborhood; to convey to other organizations, including government and business, the concerns of the neighbors represented.

The Audubon Park neighborhood is bounded by St. Anthony Parkway, Central Avenue, Lowry Avenue and Stinson Parkway.

Audubon Park Neighborhood Community Meeting 7 pm December 3, 2018

Featured Topic: Mental Health & Well Being: A Neighborhood Conversation

A panel discussion addressing mental health and wellness needs, challenges and resources, with a focus on youth. Audubon Park Neighborhood Association presents "Mental Health and Well Being: A Neighborhood Conversation" as our featured topic during the upcoming December 3, 2018 Community Meeting at 7 pm. We'll have a guest panel discussion addressing mental health and wellness needs, challenges and resources with a focus on youth. Northeast Middle School Principal Vernon Rowe will be joined by Social Worker, William Smart and Special Education Teacher, Mason Sullivan for an eye-opening and educational discussion and Q & A. If you're an Audubon Park parent, relative or neighbor, you won't want to miss this.

Additional Meeting Topics:

  • Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Project Manager, Carrie Christensen presents the latest Audubon Park, Deming Heights and Grand Rounds plans.
  • Second Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist, Abdirishid Ali presents crime updates for Audubon Park.

Location: Audubon Park Recreation Center, 1320 29th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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