Ashland High School Band

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Band Night Concert

9 November 2022 * * * 7:00 Performance


English Folk Song Suite - Ralph Vaughan Williams

First Suite in E-flat - Gustav Holst

Winter Concert

9 November 2022 * * * 7:00 Performance


Holiday Music from the Movies

MICCA Preview Concert

15 March 2023 * * * 7:00 Performance


HS Concert Band Blue

HS Concert Band White

Spring Concert

18 May 2023 * * * 7:00 Performance


HS Concert Band Blue

HS Concert Band White

Districts and All-State Information

Senior District Festival Information

All-State Audition Information

District Auditions are scheduled for Saturday, November 19

All-State Auditions are scheduled for Saturday, January 21

Necessary Equipment

  • All reed players (oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone) must have at least three reeds in working condition at all times. Remember to rotate those reeds in consecutive rehearsals/practice sessions. Always have extras—in case one breaks, you can begin to break in the new one.

  • All trumpet and trombone players must have a straight mute. Metal is preferred because it has a better sound. I like the sound of the Dennis Wick mutes, but the section needs to agree on one type/kind to have a uniform sound. Trumpet players should also own a cup mute—again I prefer the Dennis Wick variety.

  • All students need to own their own metronome for practicing at home. I prefer the small, Korg variety that sells for under $20.00 but anything to help you learn to keep a steady tempo is a necessity. There are also Apps on the smart phones that include a metronome. Use the metronome during every practice session

  • All wind players need to own their own tuner for practicing at home. Again, I prefer the small Korg variety that sells for a little over $20.00, but anything that helps you learn the intonation of your instrument and to develop your ear. There are also Apps on the smart phones that include a tuner. Use the tuner during every practice session.

Concert Attire

  • Men: black tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirt, black vest, black bow tie, black dress shoes, and black socks.

  • Women: black concert blouse, black concert skirt, black closed-toe flats, dark/nude hose.

It is the responsibility of every player to own the appropriate footwear and shirt (Men’s shirts should be purchased through the Music Director at a cost of $17.00) – the department will provide the other components of the outfit. Sneakers are never acceptable; neither are brown shoes or open-toed heels. And, please, never white socks.

Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining all aspect of their uniform. Make sure you read the care instructions as some components are ‘dry clean only.’ Wear the uniform in full at all times as you are representing Ashland High School. Do not wear hats or any other accessories with the uniform. All uniform materials must be dry-cleaned and returned the week following Graduation. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items are as follows:

Pants – $35.00 Bow-tie – $5.00 Vest – $30.00

Blouse – $35.00 Skirt – $35.00

You must return your uniform or pay the replacement costs by the time you leave for the summer.

MICCA 2023

March 31, April 1-2

Hopkinton High School

Student Report Time:

Performance Time:

Awards Ceremony:

Ashland High School Concert Band is again participating in the MICCA Concert Ensemble Festival. Participating groups are evaluated on the merit of their performance, and awards presented are based on a medals system. Groups achieving a score in the highest rating bracket receive a Gold Medal; groups in the second bracket receive a Silver Medal; groups in the third bracket receive a Bronze Medal; groups in the fourth bracket receive a Medal of Merit; and groups in the fifth bracket receive a Festival Participation Medal. A Gold Medal performance includes an invitation to perform at Boston's Symphony Hall. After their adjudicated performance, each ensemble progresses to a workshop room. At this time, one of the adjudicators work with the students on the pieces they have just performed. (Guests may observe as space permits). The Ensemble Workshop is possibly the most valuable aspect of the Concert Festival. Please note that there is a charge for admission - $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students/seniors.