AHS Course catalog


To all of our Blue Comets, 

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to work with you in this year’s registration process.  Over the next few weeks, we will be meeting individually with each of you to discuss our wide range of course offerings and opportunities at Asheboro High School.  We encourage you, your family, and our staff to truly dive into your future career goals to determine which classes you would like to take advantage of in the coming year(s).  Throughout the next month we will be meeting individually with every student to develop their future course selections and to discuss your current progress and where you want to go in the future.  As always, our goal is that when you leave Asheboro High School you are prepared to compete in an ever changing world.  Our aim is to ensure that you are able to do what you want to do in the future, not what you are forced to do.  At AHS we offer more courses and offerings than any other school in our area or the State of North Carolina.  As your principal, I encourage you to challenge yourself and to branch out with all of the opportunities which we have to offer here at AHS.  We are here to ensure your success and cannot wait to help you determine where you want to go in the future!  Congratulations on determining your future and know that you are one of the “ONE AND ONLY…BLUE COMETS!!”

Dr. Ryan Moody

Principal, Asheboro High School

Hello Students and Families of Asheboro High School,

What an exciting and challenging time to be a high school student. The courses outlined in this catalog are thoughtfully and strategically presented not only to provide content needed to meet your requirements for graduation but also to spark your imagination. There are opportunities to individualize your high school experience and target your education towards your future. As you consider these courses and chart your path through AHS, we encourage you to reach beyond your goals, to try new things and stretch yourself. Know that we are proud of all of our students and are among your biggest cheerleaders. Study hard, get involved and make the most of this opportunity. Go Blue Comets!

Michael B. Smith, Chair

Asheboro City Board of Education