Global Virtual Village

Welcome to ArtinLans Global Virtual Village

The Global Virtual Village will serve as the central meeting platform for the teachers and their pupils. It will be the place to upload, share and exchange experiences of using art in language teaching and language learning. It will also serve as the project's website.

On the Global Virtual Village of ARTinLAN, each art will have a "cottage" where the target language in the ARTinLAN project will have a room to exhibit pupils’ artistic productions and the experiences they had during ARTinLAN cross-piloting.

Furthermore, there will be a news cottage, in which news about the project will be uploaded. It is also on this platform that the Online Event will take place.

The platform will be repository with the project's open educational resources (OER) and a Community of Practice for teachers across Europe, where they can exchange messages, videos, methodologies and news on teaching foreign languages in primary schools.

A Global Virtual Village for Languages and Art (ARTinLAN) is an Erasmus+ project that offers an innovative and promising methodology to teach foreign languages to young pupils (aged 6-11) through art. Arts integration is based on a thoughtful and well-reasoned look at a substantial body of research that shows strong positive relationships between arts involvement and academic gain. A plethora of studies taken on by research organisations, college professors and school districts themselves over the past decade have revealed the power of art to inspire, motivate and educate today’s students (See for a review).

The first intellectual output of the project is ARTinLAN Activity Set, which includes activities to develop A1 and A2 level CEFR competences in five language skills (listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production, and writing) that foreign language teachers find relatively difficult to teach young pupils. The relatively difficult competences to teach were identified based on the results of a questionnaire filled out by 54 teachers from six different countries in Europe. The ARTinLAN Activity Set comprises 30 activities in which different forms of art, namely visual arts, dance, music, arts and crafts, creative writing, theatre/drama, and children’s literature, are exploited. The activities address both native pupils who are learning a foreign language and refugee and migrant pupils who are learning the official language of the country as a foreign language.

We hope you will enjoy your participation in the project and that the activity set will inspire you in your teaching!

Greetings from the ARTinLAN partners!

Below you will find links for the different Cottages where you find the Activity Set divided by different art forms and a page on the use of different IT with the Activity Set. Here you will also find a practice example if a teacher has piloted the activity