More simple GAM commands

Try the following GAM commands to get a feel for how the program works. I suggest creating a test user account for experimenting, or if you don't have a test account, use your account, we'll call our test user crashtestdummy in the examples below.

If you haven't already, we can just create our crashtestdummy account with GAM:

gam create user crashtestdummy firstname Crash lastname "Test Dummy" password "BuckleUp"

We can give crashtestdummy an alias so that emails to idontwearseatbelts go to him:

gam create alias idontwearseatbelts user crashtestdummy

We can create a group for crash test dummy's friends:

gam create group test-dummies-united name "Test Dummies United" description "Support Group Against Plastic Abuse"

Crash test dummy likes Gmail but sometimes he prefers to use IMAP with his favorite email client, Thunderbird, let's enable IMAP for him:

gam user crashtestdummy imap on

these are just a few examples, more are available under the topics to the right. Have fun!