OFSTED December 2018. Click here to see the full report.

Overall, Ofsted have concluded that the academy is graded as “inadequate”. We are disappointed by this outcome, but recognise that it reflects the challenges that the Academy has faced over the past two years. As you will see in the report, inspectors recognise the positive start that Mrs Lloyd has made as Executive Principal, and note that parents told them that “things are beginning to improve”. We would like to thank you for this support so that Mrs Lloyd and her team can continue to bring about the positive changes needed to address the key areas that need to improve.

Specifically, Ofsted point to the following positive areas within the academy:

● Parents appreciate improvements in pupils’ behaviour and better communication with them

● Many pupils are showing positive attitudes to learning and are taking pride in their work

● Curriculum changes have had a positive impact on the teaching of Maths

● How reading is taught is also showing early signs of improvement, notably for Year 6

● The introduction of the “learning lab” is helping pupils who struggle in class have more bespoke support in smaller groups.

● AET is making sure that new and inexperienced leaders receive the right training and support to have a positive impact on pupils’ learning

● Lucy Stevens as our new SEND leader has supported teachers helping them to devise plans to support pupils to overcome barriers to their learning

● The new rewards system is encouraging pupils to behave well

● Additional government funding for PE and Sport is well used, and staff have developed their skills in teaching sport. This has led to greater pupil engagement and enjoyment of sport.

● In early years, leaders have supported the new team to develop an appropriate curriculum and staff work hard to ensure there is a wide variety of enjoyable activities for children to engage with. Children enjoy working and playing together, and behave well in early years, developing strong friendships.

We are absolutely clear, however, that significant improvements are needed at Offa’s Mead, and working closely with Mrs Lloyd and her senior team, we have put together a clear improvement plan that focused on the following areas:

● Ensure that leadership capacity in the school is increased further to bring about swift and sustained improvement, particularly in teaching, learning and pupils’ progress

● Increase further our focus on teaching, learning and assessment, including in the early years so that all pupils make at least good progress by ensuring that teachers: – receive accurate feedback on their practice to improve their teaching – make accurate assessments and use these to consistently plan work that fully meets pupils’ needs – have sufficiently high expectations of pupils’ achievement – implement leaders’ guidance to ensure that no learning time is wasted – eliminate underachievement and raise standards of attainment.

● Personal development, behaviour and welfare, ensuring that pupils feel safe and are safe in school and that all members of staff follow the school’s behaviour policy.

Everyone at AET is committed to continuing to ensure that Mrs Lloyd and her team at Offa’s Mead Primary Academy get the support that is needed to continue the work to turn the school around. We expect to have a monitoring visit from Ofsted next term, and that they will recognise the further improvements that have been made. We will be sure to keep you updated on this as and when these inspections take place.

The key areas for improvement are:

  • Improve teaching so more is outstanding by ensuring that:
    • more-able pupils are challenged in all lessons, especially in mathematics
    • pupils have opportunities to write at length in subjects other than English
    • pupils develop their skills and confidence in the use of punctuation, grammar and sentence construction
    • progress in writing for all groups of pupils is as rapid as it is reading and mathematics.