Ethos, Aims and Values

Our latest OFSTED Report stated- Concern for pupils’ welfare is a strength of the academy. Staff use their excellent working relationships with outside agencies to support pupils and their families whose circumstances make them potentially vulnerable.

Care, Guidance and Support

Taking care of our children and encouraging them to develop a positive attitude is an essential element of the work we do at Offa’s Mead.

We value and respect the views of the children. The Pupil Ledership Team (PLT) give the children a voice to express their opinions and make decisions which affect the whole school. For example, choosing books to purchase after our fundraising.

We encourage our children to care for each other. Upper KS2 children are trained as Peer Mediators (who resolve any difficulties in the playground), Reception Buddies (to help the transition to ‘big’ school) and as Yellow Caps (who organise play and lunchtime games with our new equipment) We also encourage work across classes- writing for younger audiences and joining together for drama activities or to play Maths games.

We develop the whole child, including the use of the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) to develop their emotional skills.

Our latest OFSTED Report stated - The academy’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good. Pupils say that they feel very safe in the academy, and parents and carers who completed the online questionnaire or who spoke to the inspector agree. Pupils are prepared well for maintaining their personal safety both in and outside of the academy.


We provide a fully inclusive learning community.


Our positive behaviour system uses a range of strategies, including our Ladder of Intervention. This has different levels.

Level 1 Non-verbal/ Praise

Level 2 Remind & Redirect

Level 3 Warning and Intervention

Level 4 Choices and Consequences.

We also use Golden Time on Friday Afternoons with fun activities as a reward as well as TEAM points to be collected to earn extra play. Classes can earn trophies for best attendance and the smartest line. Sanctions include loss of Golden Time, Chill out chair in class or time out in an other class where there is persistent unacceptable behaviour.

Our Rules can be found here

Values and Ethos