Long Term Plans & Medium Term Plans

Our Curriculum

In September 2018 we launched a new long term plan for our curriculum. This was designed by staff to suit the needs of our children and to ensure a rich and rewarding education in all years and in all subjects.

Focusing on the thoughts of Amanda Spielman, Ofsted Chief Inspector, we are taking a “whole school strategic approach to the spiritual, cultural and moral development of pupils to make the world a better place” and, whilst suitably preparing our children for the challenges of tests and exams, we focus more on the “body of knowledge” our young people will gain during their time at our school.

What is the intent of our curriculum?

  • Ours is a curriculum designed to provide children the benefit of a creative approach to learning, acquiring the key attributes of independence and resilience; in a school at the heart of the community, maintaining the traditions and values of the local area, whilst allowing pupils the opportunity to be forward thinking and globally aware.
  • Ours is a curriculum designed to ensure that the highest standards of teaching and learning are evident in all areas of the curriculum and no areas are overlooked or undervalued.
  • Ours is a curriculum designed to give opportunity for pupils to apply their skills and knowledge in context, to enable success both within the curriculum and in wider life.

What is the content of our curriculum?

  • Ours is a curriculum that has suitable breadth, depth and relevance to provide an excellent education for all our pupils, helping them to achieve their full potential in all areas.
  • Ours is a curriculum that provides high quality academic provision for all, but also delivers a wide range of opportunities in sport, art, music and drama.

How is our curriculum delivered?

  • Ours is a curriculum that builds on prior learning and interlinks ideas, theories and concepts wherever possible, across as many subjects as possible – cross-curricular approach.

What is the experience of pupils studied our curriculum?

  • Ours is a curriculum that provides our students with rich and rewarding experiences enabling them to achieve their potential.
  • Ours is a curriculum that links to real life outcomes, including social and economic aspects.
  • Our curriculum helps pupils to receive ongoing feedback, principally at the point of learning, about where they are and what they need to achieve next.
  • Our curriculum promotes ongoing opportunities, high standards and expectations for all our pupils.
  • Ours is a curriculum that brings to our children, who have limited exposure to different cultures, an education with an international outlook. We bring other cultures to them, giving them a rounder understanding of the world, and preparing them for the future in our changing society. Through planning a global dimension into our teaching, links can be made between local and global issues, issues that the children may have seen in the news and media.

What is the impact of our curriculum?

  • Ours is a curriculum designed to maintain tangible progress for all pupils, closing the gap for those children behind age related expectation and stretching and challenging the more able.
  • Ours is a curriculum is designed to be difficult, to challenge thinking and teach children to overcome obstacles.
  • Ours is a curriculum which enables our pupils to evaluate their own attitudes to many diverse ideas and issues, as well as to appreciate that throughout the world people and children have similarities and differences.
  • Our curriculum is monitored closely and progress is pushed and challenged – we want our pupils to do the best they can, not just in reading writing and maths, but in all areas!

Below you can find our Long Term Plans (LTP) for 2018-2020 for Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.

Also you can find the Medium Term Plans (MTP) for each class for the Autumn Term 2018.

LTP 2018-20 KS1.docx


LTP 2018-20 LKS2.docx

Lower KS2 LTP

LTP 2018-20 UKS2.docx

Upper KS2 LTP