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Middlesbrough RTC

Middlesbrough Apple Regional Training Centre, at North Ormesby Academy, offers educators the opportunity to learn how Apple technology can make a difference to teaching and learning in the classroom. We will be offering 8 free training courses over the year, all delivered by an Apple Distinguished Educator. Please browse through and sign up today!

Apple Regional Training Centres deliver courses to build the skills and confidence of educators to use Apple technology inside and outside the classroom. They are a community who share best practices and inspire excellence through teaching with Apple technology.

Being selected as an Apple Regional Training Centre highlights our commitment to facilitating training for teachers to develop skills and build confidence to use Apple technology in the classroom.

Apple Regional Training Centres create a community to share best practice and support teaching staff to attain Apple Teacher status, a professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators.

Teachers from across the region can attend courses to build their knowledge and skills using technology in the classroom and earn badges to achieve their Apple Teacher recognition.

Across the UK and Ireland, the goals of all Apple Regional Training Centres are to:

  • facilitate training opportunities for teachers to develop skills using Apple technology in the classroom

  • promote Apple in Education and share new products and innovations with educators

  • build Apple Teacher across the region

  • share best practices, build community and inspire excellence.

To find out more, please visit the Apple Teacher website:

22/23 COURSES:

Introduction to iPad - Coming soon

Experience how iPad can open up new, engaging ways of teaching and learning. During this session, you’ll learn how to get started with iPad, work with iPad, explore learning resources and even have the opportunity to earn some Apple Teacher badges.

Save Time and Reduce Workload - TBC

Teachers are busy people and iPad can help! Come along and find out those amazing shortcuts and effective workflows between apps that will help you and your students get organised and be productive in the classroom.

Improving Literacy Practice with Technology - TBC

Learn how technology can raise literacy standards in the classroom. We'll look at specific apps and tools that can enhance speaking, listening, reading and writing and how effective use of iPad can amplify evidence-informed practices for raising attainment in literacy

Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom - TBC

Using AR in the classroom can turn an ordinary class into an engaging experience. AR technology provides virtual examples and adds gaming elements to support textbook materials. As a result, classes become more interactive. We'll look at a range of ways to do this using iPad.

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Evidence-informed Practice with Technology - TBC

Come along and learn about how some of the most pertinent research around knowledge retention can be utilised when teaching and learning with iPad. Cognitive load theory, dual coding, retrieval practice - we'll cover it all and more!

Maths Mastery with iPad - TBC

Learn how to use iPad effectively in maths lessons. We'll look at a number of app to demonstrate how to take your children from becoming fluent in maths, to showcasing their strength in the subject as 'masters'.

Kids coding with iPad - TBC

Experience how iPads can develop the essential learning skills of problem-solving and computational thinking through coding. Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary new app that gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to code. We'll look at this and other tools to aid teaching & learning.