Personal Development

Our Remarkable Lives Curriculum

Through our Remarkable Lives curriculum, we aim to develop within our students a sense of kindness and ambition, as well as an acceptance of others whose beliefs and attitudes may be different from our own. Our pastoral curriculum is centred around equipping our students with the skills and knowledge and critical debate to allow them to be ambitious for their futures and to contribute in a purposeful and meaningful way in our community.

Our Remarkable Lives curriculum is delivered through a combination of Deep Learning activities/sessions, Careers Education, University Visits, Enrichment opportunity and through our Tutor Time and Assembly programme as well as RSHE lessons. Our Tutor Programme teaches British values, explores key learning experiences outside of the classroom and prepares our students with the skills to be successful beyond our school doors. Our Remarkable Lives curriculum also ensures that our students have opportunities to explore a wealth of careers routes from University, to Apprenticeships and to the world of work.

  • Thoroughly planned

  • Knowledge Rich

  • Broad and balanced

  • Provides opportunities for developing reading and extended writing skills

  • Deep Learning activities/sessions focussing on RSHE

  • CIEAG pathways - University, Apprenticeships and the world of work

  • British values and participation in society

  • Enrichment

At Four Dwellings Academy, our key drivers for our Remarkable Lives curriculum are the following:

  • Deep Learning activities/sessions with a clear focus on RSHE

  • Tutor time programme with teaching of British Values and Citizenship topics such as Democracy, LGBT+, Diversity and Equality driven through our Votes For Schools programme

  • FDA Student Council with students playing a leading role in shaping the student experience at the academy

  • Assembly programme with thematic events and areas of celebration linked such as Lent, Black History Month, Democracy, LGBT month, Week of the Woman, Anti Bullying, Safer Internet Day etc.

  • Trips and visits with focus on links to the curriculum such as Theatre Trips for KS4, Science Museum with Y7 etc.

  • Careers Events – Career opportunities within curriculum areas, career/progression support and guidance through

  • Mentoring programmes – Girls Network, Forward Thinking, Envision, Inspired Choices

  • University/College Visits – focus on aspirations and the possibility of college/university as a next steps in lifelong learning

  • Enrichment – Debate Mate, Sports Programmes such as Birmingham Connect Project, Reading clubs, Music tuition, Big Bang Science Festival etc

RSHE at Four Dwellings Academy

At Four Dwellings Academy we put the personal development of our students at the forefront of what we do. Personal development is delivered or appears throughout the school in all subjects and in a wide range of activities, both within and out of school. Particular focus is placed on personal development during tutor time, assemblies and PSHE lessons. Students have sessions/lessons dedicated to citizenship, RSHE and religious studies. The topics covered during this time are closely aligned with the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Assemblies are integral to the personal development programme offered at Four Dwellings Academy. Assemblies are planned around a particular theme that deliver a clear message and inspire our students.

Personal development at Four Dwellings Academy focuses on preparing students for life beyond Four Dwellings ensuring they are aware, confident and safe.

An overview of our RSHE programme themes can be found here

To view our approach to personal development at FDA please click here

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