Health and Wellbeing

This section is for any students seeking to access health information and young people who find it hard to ask for help.

At Four Dwellings our 'Pastoral Care' is excellent, there are many people in school you can to talk and you can also access this site which has all the information you will need.

General Advice

It is well known that looking after your body also helps your brain. However, we believe that health goes further than this. A healthy person knows how to deal with stress, is self aware about personal safety and has a responsible attitude to drugs, sexual health and emotional well being.

Useful Links


Young Minds


Child bereavement


Losing someone life story.

Emotional Health

As well as looking after your body it is equally important to keep your mind in shape. Mental and physical well being are two halves of a whole, you cannot have one if the other is being neglected.

Remember there are people in school who are willing to talk and give advice in these areas.

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No Panic

Self Harm

Protecting a child's privacy online

Healthy Body

Knowing about your body and how to keep it healthy is an important element to being a successful student.

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Mind Body Soul


The school sets out with the goal of encouraging marriage, believing that the ideal of children being nurtured for life by two loving parents in a happy environment is worth pursuing. The school recognises, however that the ideal is not always possible for all sorts of reasons. It does nevertheless believe that the interest of the children in its care are always paramount. We and other agencies will support children who, many times through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of counselling, advice and emotional guidance.

Useful Links

National Step Families Association

Mind Body Soul

Healthy Eating

This is a main theme of life. We believe healthy eating is linked to successful learning. This section of the site helps you make informed decisions about your eating habits.

Useful Links

Food Standard Agency

British Nutrition Foundation

Eating Disorders Association


The British Heart Foundation

Nutritionist Resource

Personal Safety

Personal safety is about the responsibility you have to take for your own safety, whether that’s travelling to and from school, or when you’re out and about with friends. Make sure you stay with friends, you keep in touch with parents and you are where you say you’re going to be. Think about your safety on the internet too. Stay safe.

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Chat Danger



Child Net

Drugs Advice

At Four Dwellings we are strongly opposed to the misuse of all kinds of drugs by the school community. However, we recognise that many drugs, including tobacco and alcohol are increasingly available to young people. The websites listed here explain the dangers and risks of drugs that we all need to be aware of.

Useful Links:

Talk to frank:

Hope UK:

Drink aware:

NHS Smokefree:

Drug free world:


Get safe online:

Think u know:

Internet Safety:

Mental health:

Don’t call me crazy BBC



Mental wellbeing -


Young minds

Abuse and Bullying

Abuse can take many forms. It can be verbal, physical or sexual. It is never ‘normal’. It is never the victim’s fault. Abuse and bullying in any form is serious, and no-one of any age should suffer it. If you are being abused or bullied there are people to help and protect you. If you think you know of someone who is being abused or bullied there are Staff or Prefects in school you can ask advice from.

Self harm