AET is committed to protecting our planet and recognises that sustainability has to be a vital part of the trust’s strategy and operations. AET has adopted the Bioregional “OnePlanet Living” principles as a framework to guide our thinking on sustainability. Together the 10 elements comprise a holistic approach to sustainability.

AET is taking direct action at trust level as well as supporting our schools to develop their activities. For example, we are taking to steps to measure, monitor and reduce our energy and water consumption. We are reporting on our energy usage and what we are doing to reduce this for the first time in our 2019/20 annual report, to be published in early 2021.

In 2019/20, we have

  • Held a Sustainable Schools competition as part of our Remarkable World Festival.

  • Set up a Sustainability Community across all our schools, with sustainability champions taking the lead on encouraging staff and pupils to be more sustainable.

In 2020/21, we are

  • Piloting sustainability action plans in five primary and secondary schools

  • Working to provide all our schools with their energy data

  • Continuing to grow our Sustainability Community.

Our Goals for 2025

  • 100% of pupils and staff in all AET schools can articulate what their school is doing to support the planet and why this is important

  • All schools are continually delivering their sustainability action plans which reflect their community-specific context

  • We are an employer of choice for staff because of our work on sustainability

  • We have planted a tree for every child at AET

  • We have reduced travel for AET business by 50% between 2018/19 and 2024/25 through the use of technology

  • We have reduced our water consumption per pupil by 20% between 2020 and 2025.

We are also considering a goal to reduce our reducing our carbon footprint, however it is too early to say what % reduction we will achieve by 2032 compared to a 2017 baseline.