About Us

Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) is a national network of 57 schools committed to delivering our mission of  “an excellent education to every child, in every classroom, every day”.  

We believe that every child doesn’t just deserve an excellent education- they’re entitled to it- and we see it as our duty to ensure that this entitlement is delivered upon.

Our vision that every child can choose a remarkable life is the golden thread that binds us all together. For AET, success isn't just confined to our schools and our students - it's the broader impact that we have for the communities we serve.  Joining forces with others beyond our network, we strive to benefit more children and communities in everything we do.

Underpinning all our work, the values that we instil into our students challenge them to Be Big-Hearted with everyone they meet, Be Unusually Brave when faced with adversity and Push the Limits by never settling for less than excellent - because we believe only then will they Discover What’s Possible.