Our Code of Conduct

AET believes an excellent education is an entitlement for every child, and we do everything in our power to ensure that our schools are making that a reality for every pupil in our care.


In the pursuit of this mission, people working with children are role models, consciously and unconsciously. We therefore expect a high standard of ethical and professional conduct that treats everyone with respect and promotes an environment where the welfare and safety of children are always paramount.

Overarching expectations

We expect everyone working at AET and its academies to:

Policy links

Staff are required to explicitly affirm their understanding of certain policies Once you have read and understood the documents linked below, and had the opportunity to ask questions about them, please make your affirmation statement via the blue button at the bottom of this page. 

Child Protection and Safeguarding 

You are required to understand and acknowledge your role in the welfare and protection of children. This includes familiarity with your applicable Safeguarding Policy and the statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education, Part One, including Annexe A.

Localised academy policies (based on the Trust template) are available on the Statutory Information page of each academy website. Please ensure that you have read the policy applicable to your academy. For AET School Support Service staff the applicable policy is accessible via the  trust-wide Safeguarding Policies on the AET website.

Health & Safety 

All staff are required to be aware of the overarching AET Health and Safety Policy

Ethical and Professional Standards

The AET Ethical and Professional Standards policy highlights a number of important areas relating to conduct, including professional boundaries, behaviour and appearance,  protection of Trust assets, and the avoidance or declaration of any potential conflicts of interest.

You will also need to affirm that you have completed the below form as part of this section so please ensure you have completed this before proceeding:

Criminal Record Self Declaration Form / Childcare disqualification declaration

Annual affirmation 

All staff (including part-time and volunteers) and Trustees are required to confirm, at induction and annually thereafter, that they have read and understood this Code of Conduct, and the policies and guidance referred to in the Policy links section above. Please follow the link in the blue button below to affirm your understanding of your obligations.