AET Celebrates Marked Improvement In GCSE Results

Over half of sixteen year olds secure a Grade 9 – 4 in both Maths and English

Nearly two-thirds of AET academies improve their results on 2018

A number of students secure seven or more grade 9s

AET, the national academy trust, is today celebrating a notable improvement in GCSE results across its family of schools, with almost two-thirds achieving improved outcomes. Nationally, the overall pass rate edged up a modest 0.5 percentage points. Within AET, we secured an increase of 3 % pts more than last year with more than half of young people secured Standard passes at Grades 9-4 in English and Maths combined.

2019 saw the introduction of new exams in almost all GCSE subjects after a two-year transition period. The new GCSEs have been designed to be more rigorous and challenging. A new grading system is also in place with 9 – 1 replacing the old A* - G. Under the new system a grade 7 equates to an A and a 4 is equivalent to a Grade C.

  • Amongst the 24 academies reporting GCSE results today, a number achieved particularly impressive increases in the percentage of students securing standard passes or higher at grades 9-4 in both Maths and English:
  • New Rickstones Academy in Witham: 65%, an increase of 23% points
  • Kingswood Academy in Hull: 78%, an increase of 19% points
  • Greensward Academy in Hockley: 74%, an increase of 12% points
  • Richmond Park Academy in London: 69%, an increase of 12% points

A number of students also secured 7 or more Grade 9s across AET, including:

  • Isha Harris and Hazel Bott from Richmond Park Academy
  • Crystal Kong from Greensward Academy

Isha Harris from Richmond Park Academy

Julian Drinkall, CEO of AET said:

Julian Drinkall, CEO of AET said:

“These results show a marked improvement for AET. Our congratulations go out to all students and staff across our academies – it’s still early days for the new exam system, but we are very proud of how well students have done, and their hard work and focus over the last two years have clearly paid off.

“At AET, we are wholly focused on ensuring that the education our academies provide helps young people go on to lead remarkable lives. We are making great strides towards that being a reality and we wish all of our students the very best for the next step they take on that journey, whether it is further study or going into training or employment.

“The last three years has seen far-reaching changes at AET. Bar our name above the door, everything has changed – from the type of support we provide to each academy through to our governance. Everything is now geared towards the central goal of “remarkable lives” and it is wonderful to see the impact of those changes now coming through in each of our academies.”

David Hatchett, AET’s National Director of Secondary Schools said:

“Today is cause for huge celebration at AET, with over half of our Year 11 students securing standard passes in English and mathematics, as well as succeeding in a range of other subjects and qualifications. Alongside an improvement in overall results, nearly two-thirds of our academies have improved their performance in English and mathematics, and in so doing, have helped prepare their students to go on and lead remarkable lives. Congratulations to our 3600 students and all our staff for their hard work and efforts over the last two years.”