Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous ways to get involved in the Greater Hope Project. While funding is always needed, it is not the only way to support this effort. Volunteering is another way to participate with what God is doing, and it gives an opportunity to GO see firsthand. Check out some of the needs and if you’re interested click on the “Contact” tab to fill out our volunteer interest form.


There are many projects at Hope Primary School which need to be completed. They include building a library, landscaping, building a fence, creating a sports field and other projects as well. We need people with skills who can travel to teach community members what needs to be done to complete these projects for the kids.


Greater Hope tries to do two teacher conferences a year in partnership with the Church of Uganda’s Ministry of Education. The themed conferences and require teacher trainers to go encourage and impart teaching strategies to teachers, most of whom have no training. Advancing Leaders International (ALI), a ministry of teacher trainers, coordinates and leads these conferences in partnership with GHP. We also need teachers here stateside to to be a part of the Teacher Think Tank (T3) to be a collaborative group in planning instructional resources. There are also trips in the works to go for short term, a week or so, to do specific projects, such as create a library.

Trauma Trainers

One of the important aspects of the Greater Hope Project is helping the refugees address the trauma they have endured from the war torn circumstances they come from. Parakletis USA is a ministry partner who is experienced in trauma training. Greater Hope partners with them when find people who are willing to be trained in trauma healing and to train others in the camps. The goal is to help the refugees process the emotional pain of trauma so they can begin to heal.

Discipleship and Evangelism

Discipleship and evangelism are core components of our ministry to the refugees. A saved soul who is a disciple has greater capacity for fruitfulness in all areas of life. Our goal is to give every refugee we encounter an opportunity to experience God’s love and lift. We need volunteers that will be God’s hands and feet, and God’s lifeboat, to the nation of South Sudan. People wishing to come for long or short term to help disciple the teachers and the students are welcome. We partner with His Sickles ministry to provide training and discipleship in the camps of Northern Uganda.