Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

This is the place we communicate our prayer needs. We know that not everyone can GO, but those on the ground could not do what we do without considerable prayer cover. Intercessors lay the foundation for all that is accomplished in the Greater Hope Project.

Teacher morale

The camp is a harsh environment to teach in. Without a salary the teachers get discouraged. Pray for their spirits to be strong.

Literacy Needs

The school recently got about 1/3 of the textbooks they need from ALI, but there is still more to be done. Added curriculum for the teachers, children's literature for the students, any and all types of supplies to teach reading are needed. Pray for God's provision in this area.

Feeding Program

This program is an ongoing one. Some students use the food they get at school as their sole source for nutrition. Pray that God would move on hearts to help support this program so the children can continue to learn to the best of their potential.

Scholarship Program

This program to provide secondary school to students who qualify is growing as more students do well on the exam. Pray that more people will come alongside to provide the funds for kids to continue their education and that more students will do well enough on the exam to enter secondary school.

Spiritual growth

We have seen a lot of spiritual growth. At our last teacher conference, 8 teachers prayed to receive the Lord. At the one before that 17 were brought to grace. Pray that the discipleship would continue and more leaders would be raised up to facilitate groups in the camps.


This project requires collaboration among the many moving pieces of the teachers, community members, students and partnering ministries. Please pray for oneness of purpose that will guarantee the fulfillment of the vision.

Teacher conferences

The teachers of the camp schools want to continue to have teacher conferences at least twice a year. Pray that Greater Hope and ALI can find more teachers to help carry educational knowledge to these teachers who are hungry to continue learning, and for the funding to continue to take it.