Students thank the donors.
Textbooks!! Donated by Advancing Leaders International
All smiles as they get lunch at school.
How much more can I get in my mouth?
Happiness is a full belly.
No leftovers here!
These students will be ready to learn after this meal.
Raise your hands if you like this lunch!
Older students, hoping they scored well enough to go to secondary school.
Teacher's Literacy Conference, with the ALI team.
Teachers doing group work.
Using visual aids and graphic organizers to teach.
The kitchen staff's kids.
Some teachers practicing letter sounds/phonics together.
Just saying hi!
Teacher's come to the conference with their babies on their backs.
ALI team member, Winnie showing how to spell using your body.
Sola sharing her heart with the teachers.
It's brick making season!
Teachers learned how to draw sentences for students to match words with pictures.
Welcome to Hope!
One of the buildings at the school that has the teacher planning room.
Teachers doing a project to build the tallest structure using critical thinking.
Some of the lovely lady teachers.
A make and take workshop for creating teaching aids.
Winnie helped the teachers to fall in love with reading by sharing stories.
Just hanging out!
View from the classroom window.
One of the nearby huts, the white thing is the bathroom.
Our kitchen staff walking to the well for water to cook lunch.
The students do love to eat!
The teachers take some time to read an article about literacy.
The facilitator team for the teacher's conference.
Do you think he is interested in this book?
Uche speaking to the teachers about Ruth living as a refugee.
They came from all around to hear the books!