Secondary Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Years of civil war in South Sudan have wreaked havoc in children’s lives, destroying their educational rights and hope for a better future. The Greater Hope Project has come alongside Hope Primary School in order to build a school to reach the children and give them a chance at a future.

An issue that has been brought to the forefront is the need for a secondary education for the students of Hope Primary School. Most children in the camps cannot afford to go to secondary school once they have completed P7 (7thgrade). The percentage of children in the refugee camps that are unable to attend Secondary School is 80%.

We have created secondary school scholarships to meet this need. Students who reach the Division 1 standard on the qualifying examination will receive paid tuition to Nyanglia Secondary School, a local boarding school. This provides them with something to work hard toward in P7.

Those who pass the qualifying exam, but do not reach the Division 1 standard still have the opportunity to go to school if they can pay tuition. Each child needs $550 a school year. This includes $250 for the first term, $150 each for the second and third term. The money covers tuition, boarding fees, personal hygiene items, uniforms, and footwear.

South Sudan ranks among one of the worst for literacy, with 80% of its population being unable to read or write. Educating this younger generation gives them the tools they need to improve their country’s economy, enhance social development, lower poverty rates, and establish lasting peace efforts. Help us better the lives of these children and make their dreams come true through the education they desire.