ivan carpio

Favorite Quote:

“ Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough”

- Richard Feynman


  • Name: Ivan Carpio

Physics, Math, Newspaper Teacher

Years in Education: 8 Years As A Teacher

department: Math and science



● Bachelors In Physics- George Mason University VA

● Masters In Applied and Engineering Physics - George Mason University VA

Professional Experience

University Instructor: GMU, NVCC, CalUMS

○ ACS Calvert 2016-Present

● Wide Range Of Experience In Industry Work

○ Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Technical Analyst at Landon Intellectual Property

○ Technical Consultant at ASRC Aerospace and Defense

Proactive Patents


I was born in La Paz Bolivia and emigrated to the United States with my family in the early 80’s. I have always had a fascination with Bolivia and have come back to La Paz recently to live and raise my family.

I am a total science nerd and have interests in many disciplines including: physics, evolutionary biology, applied psychology, behavioral economics and many others. The universe is just too interesting to ever stop learning!

I truly believe that our primary job as educators is to inspire a love of learning and to help each student reach their potential.

In my free time I organize a music festival and a yoga festival in Luray Viriginia.