Social-Emotional Learning Hub

One of Acero's core values is RESILIENCE. At Santiago, we learn and grow through adversity and challenges.

Social-emotional learning is a priority at Esmeralda Santiago. We are proud to announce that Santiago has been awarded the certificate and status of an “Established Supportive School” by CPS’s Office of Social Emotional Learning. Great job, Spartans! We are so proud of all the work our staff and students have done in regards to social-emotional learning at Santiago.

Santiago's goal is to give students and teachers access to tools they need to regulate their emotions in order to access success in their learning and to establish resilience to adversity.

A trauma informed lens is utilized at Santiago to support students in their social emotional well being. Teachers will be trained and empowered to use the science of learning and development to implement strategies that support the student from a whole-child perspective. Strategies include, but are not limited to the implementation of a regulate and return classroom and sensory path. A trauma informed lens and strategies will be fully embedded in Santiago's SEL MTSS system. Santiago's Student Support Toolkit will live on an online platform in order to help teachers access and implement best practices.

SEL parent letter_English
SEL parent letter_Spanish