School Policies

Airyhall Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy January 2024.pdf

Child Proteaction Policy and Guidelines

Child Protection and Safeguarding Notice Airyhall School ELC Jan 2024.pdf

Child Protection & Safeguarding Notice

Nursery Complaints Policy.pdf

Nursery Complaints Policy 

Positive Relationships Policy Feb 2022 (1).pdf

Positive Relationships Policy 

Aberdeen City Council Policies and Procedures 

ACC Anti-Weapon Policy 2020-21.pdf

ACC Anti-Weapon Policy 

Managing Substance Misuse Incidents in Schools Policy 2018.pdf

ACC Managing Substance Misuse Incidents Involving Children and Young People in Schools

Minimising Exclusion Policy 2020-23.pdf

ACC Supporting Pupils: Minimising Exclusion

Minimising Exclusion Procedure and Guidance 2020 v1.pdf

ACC Minimising Exclusion Accompanying Guidance and Procedure


ACC Managing Attendance Policy 


ACC Pupil Attendance Leaflet