P1 - P7 Reporting Calendar 

The purpose of reporting is to support and improve learning.  It should be an ongoing process which provides clear information on a learner’s strengths, areas for development and specifically what needs to be done to ensure continued progress.  Learners should be involved in the reporting process through reflection and dialogue about their learning. It is also important that reporting recognises and values the role of parents and carers and involves them fully in the process.

A written report is one way of communicating with parents and, along with formal parent interviews.  This is what people are often used to.  However,  reporting to parents is an ongoing process, with schools and families engaging in some of the activities identified below in our reporting calendar.  This calendar is organised into onoing items as well as termly items. 


Ongoing updates via Seesaw App

School Twitter Feed 

School Website 

Wall Displays in Classrooms & Corridors  

Curriculum Workshops


School Newsletters 

Parent Focus Groups 

Opportunities to Feedback on Developments

Parent/Carer Audits  

Opportunities to Help in School & On Trips 


Term 1 Learning Newsletter

Learning Together  Afternoon 

(Covid Dependent)

Learning Updates Conversations

9 - 10 Minutes


Pupil Target Setting for Term 1 & 2

IEPs for Term 1 & 2 

(Where Required)


Term 2 Learning Newsletter

Interim Report 


Christmas Show

P1 - P2 Nativity

P3 - P7 Concert


Term 3 Learning Newsletter

Learning Together  Afternoon 

Learning Updates Conversations

9 - 10 Minutes


P3 - P4 Spring Show

P5 - P6 Scottish Opera or Alternative 

Pupil Target Setting for Term 3

IEPs for Term 3

(Where Required)


Term 4 Learning Newsletter

End of Year Reports



Online Report Follow Up Conversation - (Where Required)

5 Minutes 


P7 Leavers Assembly

Pupil Target Setting for Term 4

IEPs for Term 4

(Where Required)

Sports Day 

This calendar was created following feedback from Parent Council, parent/carer audit as well as a parent focus group.