Person Centred Support Packages

Based on the individual needs, staff will provide a range of support which may include general supervision, support with personal care, support with daily activities and daily living, and encouraging social interaction; all centred around promoting independence, choice, integration and inclusion.


Working with a number of private landlords, A&A has a history of being able to successfully and safely place clients within appropriate housing that other organisations have often struggled with.

Moderate to Severe Learning disabilities support

We specialise in supported living and domiciliary care for CYPs and young adults with learning disabilities.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Our person centered approach ensures that those on the ASD spectrum have the appropriate support structure in place., that allows them to fulfil their likes and desires, but also allows for new skills to be developed.

Mental health

Our care has embedded clinical input from our own mental health practitioners and we ensure that every aspect of someone's mental health needs are met. Any area we feel we are unable to meet, we do all that we can to then secure such support for our service users.

Domiciliary care

Person centred, structured and with support from social services, the NHS and A&A staff, all care packages, not just domiciliary, are catered to the pathway of independence and long term well-being.