Models of Care

models of care

A&A works with two models of care - Community Rehabilitation Transitional Living (CRTL) & Comunity Rehabilitation Supported Living (CRSL). These models are unique to A&A and one other organisation, for one simple reason.


CRTL (Community Rehabiliation Transitional Living) is designed to work for individual who have experienced significant amounts of time within clinical, hospital and/or family environments. A more intense level of support, that is implemented to promote ones individuality, personal skills, and a greater understanding and experience of living independently within the community.


CRSL (Comunity Rehabilitation Supported Living) is the natural progression we support our clients to move towards, after gaining greater skills in independent living and re-enablement. Although we understand each individual has their own capacity to live independently, our goal is to progress everyone to a point where the level of support they receive decreases, when and if appropriate.