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"Nurture. Respect. Future. Success."

A&A Healthcare Services is an organisation that is all about you. Our drive is to ensure the children, young persons and young adults that we work with are provided an effective transitional-based platform that offers them an opportunity to receive continued, consistent and bespoke person-centred support from the moment they join to well into adulthood.

A&A Healthcare is a specialist community based support provider, geared towards providing rehabilitative and supported living resources, for the most vulnerable amongst us. We specialise in providing holistic and comprehensive support packages for people with learning disabilities, aspergers/autistic spectrum disorders, mental health needs, and challenging behaviours. We focus on identifying and providing pathway support for CYPs early on so that, as they approach adulthood, their person-centred, re-enabling, independent environments and nurtured support is not uprooted by adulthood. Working with the unique "CRTL" model of care, we are able to support vulnerable CYPs and adults, to live successfully within the community long-term.

CYPs and young adults who have required low-medium secure care for long periods are supported with tenancy based community rehabilitation and intensive support; designed to allow them make that transition to living within the community. Intensive support is provided through high standard domiciliary care and supported living placements that have been carefully chosen close to public transport, shops and other services to ensure greater integration into the community.


A&A Healthcare provides a variety of support:

  • Supported Living
  • Domiciliary care
  • Psychotherapy
  • Emergency cover & placements
  • And many other services
  • Consulting and interventional support for other providers

A&A Healthcare specialises in offering highly bespoke and flexible services in supporting children, young persons, young adults and adults with learning disabilities and complex needs/cases, with an emphasis on;

- challenging behaviours

- 'revolving door' syndrome/phenomena

- bringing back out of county placed CYPs and adults to their localities

- delayed discharges of care

- broken down placements

- emergency placements

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