Disability Services

James Browne in Disability Services has totally replaced an inefficient paper-based process for handling student case notes with a few Spreadsheets, Apps Scripts and Google Drive files. 

The thing I like most about James' work is that the system he has made is very "light touch" in that it builds on the power of the Google suite of tools. 

James came to us having never coded before and now confidently creates new mini-systems or spreadsheet reports that help him and the staff work more efficiently.

Demo 1 

In this video, James shows us how they start their process off with a Google Form. 

Demo 2

This video shows the folders and documents that get generated once a student has been added to the system.

Using Google Groups To Save Everybody Time

Karen shares how James' work has saved her and her colleagues hours of work.

Why This Might Be Of Relevance To The Wider University

We still have support services struggling under the weight of filing cabinets. Students are demanding faster and more responsive services. James' work has shown how a little investment of time can reap huge rewards that give you back the time you and your colleagues were spending on admin and let you focus your work on providing a better service.