2014-2015 Projects

These are some of the projects I've been working on this year with both academic and support staff, individuals and groups, around the University of York. My time is also spent researching emerging concepts or technologies, getting to grips with new tools, evangelising approaches and helping people to learn or explore possibilities.

Kwijibo Marking Application
Kwijibo Marking Application 

This project uses a Google Spreadsheet rubric to present a simple to use app that lecturers can use to generate assignment feedback Google Documents for students.
  Getting rid of paper in Disability Services

Disability Services were finding their paper-based system couldn't keep up with demand. They have created a few scripts that have saved time and let people focus on their work, not on the admin.
 Breary Banks
Breary Banks iPad App

Archaeological Dig Site Multimedia Guide iPad app made by students.

The GFAFFWISK project teaches all the aspects of collaboration by stealth, embedding a real student project that uses all the features and tools Google provide.


Creating Google Drive files and folders for students

The BFFN Project used Apps Scripts to create hundreds of files and folders for students in Google Drive.


3D Exhibitions in the 3Sixty room in The Hub

The 3Sixty room in The Hub is a surround-projection, with an incredible sound system. Working with Sara we helped Archaeology students make an exhibition designed to make best use of this unique space.

WROCaH Application Process

The White Rose College of Arts and Humanities receive hundreds of applications for PHDs, that need reviewing by subject clusters spanning three organisations.

The Archaeology of Train Stations in Norway

Creating a multimedia guide for an archaeological site.
Handy Lumps

A useful collection of Apps Scripts in one library. These handy scripts are a result of working with lots of people at the university all trying to do similar things.


Moving Data 

Learning Apps Script, so that you can really take advantage of all the Google tools begins with just moving data from one spreadsheet to another. Once you can do that, people find there's no stopping them creating tools to get rid of tedious admin tasks.

An Introduction to Paperpile with Matthew Collins

Matthew kindly shows me all the features of Paperpile that make him love it as a reference manager working on papers collaboratively.

An Attack On Paper Diary Fans

... or rather a plea for people to see the true value of using your Google Calendar at York.
Google Glass Brainstorms

Looking at new technologies and getting people thinking about where they might be used at York.


Visualising The Committees Structures at the University of York

A project that looked at visualising the inter-related structures of the various committees at York.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

I work on the Collaborative Tools and Apps Script Knowledge Sharing sessions where we give you an introduction to the things you can do right now with Google Apps.

Introduction to Livecode - Easily Create Your App Idea

Lots of people are looking at Livecode, to create multimedia learning materials, kiosks or mobile applications. It is easy to create software with little or no programming experience.
Ethics Research Approval Workflow

A simple system for Education researchers to submit the details required for their research project to pass the ethical requirements of that department.