Interview with Victoria Jack from CELT.

The BFFN project, explained about, looked to create a complex Google Folder and Google Document structure for over a hundred students automatically. Victoria and her team created templates and using Apps Script we generated copies for each student, adding information where appropriate, and sharing the items with the relevant lecturers and staff with the appropriate permissions ( editing, commenting, viewing etc )

This project, although admittedly maybe, "a bit workaday", saved the team hours of work and ensured fewer mistakes were made by students, who previously had to follow instructions about which files to make copies of, how to name them and how to hand in certain pieces, which in turn saved hours of handling trivial support issues with students.

Why This Might Be Of Relevance To The Wider University

Although I would argue that Google Apps are the "best of breed" in terms of online collaboration, they still have their weak points. Small projects like BFFN address the weaknesses of Google Apps and take care of those mundane tasks, improving other processes along the way.