2009 - present day

I began at the university in 2009 working on The Collaborative Tools Project, which aimed to kick start the use of the new tools available, such as blogs, wikis, chat or whatever best promoted collaboration at the university.

In 2012 York made the decision to "go Google" and so much of my work has been about introducing people to making the best use of the fantastic tools available. I deliver regular sessions looking at Apps Script, a means to make Google Tools work together and Smorgasbord sessions, where we look at and approaches tools on the fringes of Gmail and Calendar that you may not know about.

2005 - 2009 - Self-employed consultant. During this time I mixed a variety of client work, ranging from usability and SEO to web development and research with personal experimental projects. Don't ask me about my shopping site, my holiday site or the best ukulele music learning site the internet has ever seen ( now closed for legal reasons ).

2001 - 2005 - the OTHER media. Ecommerce usability and innovation research. During the dot com years, my role was to research emerging areas and disseminate them around the company. the OTHER media created and sold businesses, we serviced clients such as Virgin, The Natural History Museum, ECB, Delia Smith, Paul Smith etc. I taught at the OTHER media's business, innovation technology school in HyperIsland in Kosovo. 

2000 - 2001 - Digital Media Research Labs. A collaborative project between design agencies, the OTHER media, Rufus Leonard, Cable & Wireless and LloydsTSB looking at web, device and mobile possibilities.

1993 - 2000 - ULTRALAB - Learning Technology Research. The highlights of which, for me was working with the Advanced Technology Group, Apple in Cupertino on education scenario demonstrars for MacWorld, Boston. Also working on projects such as Insights CD and Schools Online and Think.com with the team members at ULTRALAB was such an education and pleasure.

1989 - 1993 - Self-employed Sculptor. Working mainly with light, projections and glow-in-the-dark objects. I founded a group called "Fine Rats International", a band of artists who created light installations in unusual post-industrial settings such as under spaghetti junction, or in disused factories.