Research Theme for 2015-16: “Black Lives Matter

January 28, 2016: the University of Washington Faculty Senate passed Class C Bulletin No. 548 Concerning “Black Lives Matter” Statement.
It can be found on the Faculty Senate website.

                                                                                               Photo taken by staff of The UWT Ledger

The mission of the University of Washington Tacoma is in large part to serve those who have been long denied higher education. That includes working class students, students of color and, more than any other group, black youth. Our campus has not yet undertaken a study that closely investigates the intersection between race, labor, and poverty in this community. Funding a project of this kind would take a step in the right direction and help the Center for Labor Studies build upon relationships that remain crucial to its vitality. 

This year the Center is working on a research plan to address the crisis of the black working class, and poor and minority communities. Through the Center's research facility, the aim is to meticulously study and build a better understanding of the dimensions of the crises in our community, to organize and collaborate with the community and organizations, and to coordinate events and other assistance in addressing these challenges. The work is already underway with faculty associate Luther Adams conducting a study of police brutality, faculty associate Carolyn West continuing her work with community groups to stem domestic violence, and Instructor Alex Morrow and Professor Michael Honey developing a research project on race, labor, and poverty in Pierce County and Tacoma, all under the year-long theme “Black Lives Matter” that includes partnerships with local community such as our work with the Tacoma Urban League and the African American Financial Capability Initiative Project. Be sure and check out the recent article in the Tacoma Weekly featuring Professor Honey - it's great!  

Center for the Study of Community and Society
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