These tee shirt and hoodie designs are available for purchase by all SAS members! Contact the SAS officers, come by our office (417 West Hall), or attend any SAS meeting if you would like to purchase one!

All items come in unisex sizes.

New Arrivals

What the hottest astrophysicists are wearing this season

Michigan Astrophysics Tee

$10.00; dark blue and maize

White SAS Hoodie

$35.00 (+$3.00 for 2XL)

Black SAS Hoodie

$35.00 (+$3.00 for 2XL)

Vintage Collection

Limited Quantities!

Astronomy Comet Tee

$10.00; dark blue and maize

Classic Michigan Astro Tee

$10.00 (+$2.00 for 2XL)

SAS Constellations Tee

$15.00 (+$2.00 for 2XL)

SAS Saturn Tee

Glows in the dark!

$15.00 (+$2.00 for 2XL)


* (Michigan Astro Tee OR Classic Michigan Astro Tee) + Yellow Michigan Astro Hoodie = $30.00 (Save $1 - $5!)

* SAS Saturn Tee + Constellations SAS Tee = $30.00 (Save $5!)