SAS and its officers believe that Astronomy is best when it is accessible to all, and inclusive of all. Through advocacy efforts we aim to create the most inclusive, diverse, and equitable spaces as possible for our members and our community at large. This page contains diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) related resources, anonymous and non-anonymous methods for making reports to the SAS Advocacy Chair, as well as information about advocacy-related activities and events. 

"Astronomy is For Everyone" is a campaign spearheaded by the University of Michigan Department of Astronomy.  Check out the Astro DEI website here.


If you feel that we could be doing anything better as a club, or if you've experienced something that you'd like to see addressed by the SAS Advocacy Chair, we encourage you to fill out either our anonymous or non-anonymous reporting form. We aim to provide a community which is safe for all. If you experience anything which makes you feel unsafe or excluded in any way, we hope that you'll feel comfortable letting us know so that we can address your concern(s) in a way which works best for you! No experience is too small or insignificant, and we value any and all reports we receive. 

Please note that these forms are not an official University of Michigan or Department of Astronomy reporting mechanism. Formal reports can be made through the Astronomy Department by using a reporting box located by the Astronomy mailboxes on the third floor of West Hall. 

Advocacy Hours

Advocacy hours are essentially the advocacy chair's "office hours",  where they are available for community members to come to them in person for any form of support. Forms of support can look very different for different people. Advocacy hours activities may include just chatting about your day, discussing a specific concern about campus life/classes/SAS etc, doing a chill craft, or just having a quiet and relaxing space to spend time in. Advocacy hours are for everyone, and your chair hopes that you'll stop by and say hi :) 



Meet your Advocacy Chair: Jennifer