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Open Houses/Public Observing Nights

The Summer 2019 Public Observing schedule has been posted here, where you can find more information about the times and locations of our open houses.

SAS Meetings

No meetings are held during the summer. These meetings are generally administrative or professional in nature. We have regular talks by professors and graduate students. Anyone is welcome to come if they would like to know about the astronomical research here at University of Michigan or to help plan astronomy events on campus such as the Public Open Houses at the Angell Hall Observatory, 100-level astronomy tutoring, public inreaches with local elementary/middle schools, observing trips for events such as meteor showers, eclipses, star parties, etc.

For Fall 2019, meeting dates are TBD.

Free Astronomy Tutoring

SAS holds free tutoring sessions for 100 & 200-level astronomy students one night a week during the fall and winter terms. Unfortunately, tutoring is not offered during the Spring and Summer semesters. We can help you with your homework, labs, studying for exams, or just answer your general questions about astronomy. Please come with specific questions, as we can't do your entire homework set for you.

For answers to other questions and to schedule an alternate time for tutoring, please check the tutoring page. We will try to accommodate your requests, but please keep in mind that we are all busy students too.

Tutoring for Fall 2019 - TBD

SAS and U of M Astronomy Swag

If you would like to purchase a SAS t-shirt or hoodie, please contact the SAS officers: sas-officers@umich.edu.