Sketches of Possible Workshops

Here we discuss possible discussions we can have at the introductory workshops at the school.

How to write here

Once you have an idea for a workshop, even if you don't have any details prepared, just post your thoughts here. Then we will discuss each step in the planned workshop, raise possible objections and try to make it complete. Each of these workshops will eventually be (or have already been) presented at the school and hopefully we'll be able to turn them all into written discussions, in the spirit of what we are starting at A discussion about lunch possibilities.

Introductory Workshops

These workshops must be accessible to anyone with any prior knowledge. These would be the first experience someone might have with true mathematics.

Advanced Workshops

In the spirit of discussion and discovery that we have in the introductory workshops, here we can discuss possible advanced workshops. These workshop descriptions should always begin with the required prior understand. Hopefully we will be able to link back to good sources, like our discussions or other workshops so that someone could learn and understand what they need to before starting these workshops.