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Addison-Wesley / Mathematics
Alexandrov / Combinatorial topology (Justin)
Ayres / Calculus
Biggs / Finite groups of automorphisms
Bones / Companion to Euclid's elements
Bonola / Non-Euclidean geometry
Boyer / A history of mathematics
Britannica / Great books of the Western world vol. 11---Euclid, Archimedes, Appolonius, Nicomachus
Bunt, Jones, Bedient / The historical roots of elementary mathematics
Buskes, van Rooij / Topological spaces
Cantor / Contributions to the founding of the theory of transfinite numbers
Cederberg / A course in modern geometries
Courant, Robbins / What is Mathematics?
Courant / Differential and integral calculus I (Chad)
Courant / Differential and integral calculus II
Dedekind / Essays on the theory of numbers
Dedekind / Essays on the theory of numbers
Dence / Solving math problems in BASIC
Descartes / The geometry
Eisenbud, Harris / The geometry of schemes
Euclid / The elements, Dover ed.
Euclid / The elements, Green Lion Press ed.
Euclid / The elements, Green Lion Press 3 vols. (Jason)
Farmer / Groups and symmetry---A guide to discovering mathematics
Folland / Real analysis: Modern techniques and their applications
Gelfand / Sequences, combinations, limits
Gelfand / The method of coordinates
Gelfand / Functions and graphs
Godel / On formally undecidable propositions of Principia Mathematica and related systems
Goldberg / Curvature and homology
Gowers / The Princeton companion to mathematics
Greenwood / Greek mathematical philosophy
Guthrie, Fideler / The Pythagorean sourcebook
Hardy / A mathematician's apology (Nieros)
Hatcher / Algebraic topology
Hartshorne / Geometry: Euclid and beyond
Heath / A history of Greek mathematics, 2 vols.
Hersh / The mathematical experience
Herstein / Topics in algebra
Hilbert / Foundations of geometry
Huntington / The continuum and other types of serial order
Issacs / Real numbers
Jones, Jones / Elementary number theory
Kline / Mathematical thought from ancient to modern times (3 volumes)
Lefschetz / Differential equations: geometric theory
Levy / Basic set theory
MacLane / Categories for the working mathematician
McGraw-Hill / Mathematics
Meschkowski / Ways of thought of great mathematicians
Nahin / When least is best
O'Hara, Ward / Projective geometries
Proclus / A commentary on the first book of Euclid's elements (Yashi)
Reichmann / Use and abuse of statistics
Rouse / Great dialogues of Plato---Republic, Apology, Crito, Phoedo, Ion, Meno, Symposium
Rudin / Principles of mathematical analysis (David)
Stanley / Enumerative combinatorics I
Stone / Linear transformations in Hilbert space
Taylor / The theoretic arithmetic of the Pythagoreans
Zassenhaus / The theory of groups


Richeson / Euler's gem
Rotman / An introduction to the theory of groups
Strichartz / The way of analysis