Psyc 421 & Lab: Environmental Psychology

APLABS is supported by this course taught by Dr. Berry.

Environmental Psychology (Psyc 421 and Lab, under program review @ CNU).

This course is foundational to Psyc 431 (see above). Environmental Psychology is a survey course that examines the interaction between people and their physical and social world.

Researchers in this field investigate how different environmental issues (e.g., human density; ambient sounds and temperature; pollution and toxic exposure; aesthetics, personal space and place, and information technologies) influence our thinking, feeling, behavior and well-being.

Additionally, Environmental Psychologist conduct experiments to test how changing our environments can improve our lives, health and productivity.

This course includes a lab experience where students practice assessing, measuring, interpreting and manipulating environmental influences as well as appreciating the numerous theories and principles relevant to how environments influence people.