Seeking Research Experience

If you want to go to graduate school, earn a Masters or Ph.D, then you should consider gaining some research experience and expertise. The best way to start is by considering what areas of psychology interest you, such as social psychology, neuroscience, personality, counseling, or industrial psychology. Next, ask around or visit the Department of Psychology's web page and find out each professors' research interests (see this link for each professor's general area of research

After you have reviewed your own research interests, go chat with a professor with a similar interest as your own. See if he or she has research opportunities for you, or room in the professor's lab or on his or her team of research assistants.

Remember, gaining access to a professor lab or on his/her research team is a privilege. Typically, professors offering research experience want to mentor students, but their main goal is to conduct science and publish their results. Thus, working alongside a professor is a serious and important activity requiring the highest levels of dedication, focus, responsibility, professionalism and energy. Yet, these requirements are what graduate school programs expect from you.

Plus, REMEMBER!!!! as you gain research experience you are also developing your reputation, that is - an impression on the professor. You will probably ask this professor to write you a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Thus, make sure you are ready and motivated to engage in research alongside a professor.

Any doubts you may have about what is expected from you as a research assistant, then please chat with your professor about his or her expectations.

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