Want To Join APLABS?

We recommend you contact Dr. Berry at berry@cnu.edu and inform him of your desire to apply to one of his labs.

Remember - You do NOT have to be a Psychology Major to be accepted to APLABS or BET+R. We encourage all sorts of majors to apply, and from all colleges (from the Arts to the Sciences) at CNU.


Complete the application form (See Link Below)

If you want to join APLABS or BET+R as a Research Assistant, you must fill out an application (see Link below). This application (a) requests some basic information about you, and (b) asks you to answer a few creative questions.


Why are some people accepted and others not accepted into APLABS?

If you have been accepted - then feel fortunate -

Because working in APLABS or BET+R is a privilege, thus celebrate your opportunity by becoming a useful and productive Research Assistant.

Here are a few reason why people are not accepted:

1. There may not be any room. Capacity is based on both physical space and need.

2. Applicants may not be a good-fit because of different research interests or professional goals.

3. An applicant may not have skills or abilities to contribute to the lab's function, likely due to level of education achieved.